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Brodie Park Geological Time Walk – Official Opening

Gondwana Coast Time Walk
A small section of the entrance signage describing the time walk sections that you experience on the stroll along the path. Click to view in slide-show.

It is a wonderful compliment to all the Gondwana Coast Fossil Walk volunteers and the myriad of local supporters that welcomed the official opening by Shoalhaven Mayor Johanna Gash on Tuesday the 8th December 2015.

As indicated by the mayor, this 255 metre time walk through the Geological History of the Shoalhaven is of world class significance and will bring many visitors to the region.

Located in Brodie Park found at the corner of North St & Burrill St, Ulladulla, the Gondwana Coast Geological Time Walk is one of only seven time walks to be found in the world.

Countless hours of volunteer workers and financial support from the Shoalhaven Council and local businesses has finally brought to fruition the ideas first developed by Phil Smart & Mike Jefferis.


Local geological display plaque
Local geological display plaque – click to view in slide-show.


A feature of this walk is that it is the first to combine descriptive display of lour Local Geologic Periods with the path time walk actually pacing out the equivalent of 2 million years per metre.





Garden bed bronze plaque with period details - click to view slide-show.
Garden bed bronze plaque with period details – click to view slide-show.


At set intervals the display of local rock structures are found in landscaped rock gardens.

One significant rock piece actually being dredged up some 300 metres off shore by local Ulladulla trawler fishermen. Found in one of the last garden beds this piece has a wondrous fossil display. (You will just have to visit to see it!)



A special mention is also made to remember the sole reason Brodie Park exists – purely from the efforts of a local Leslie John Brodie who’s efforts turned bracken covered scrub into a park in the early 1960’s.

Time Walk Opening010
Memorial plaque



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