GCFossilWalk logoOur colourful distinctive logo was created by talented local artist and former art teacher, Carolyn Whan. Carolyn happily volunteered her services to produce a wonderfully symbolic logo for the Fossil Walk. Sadly in 2013, Carolyn lost her battle with cancer and passed away.

The Gondwana Coast’s most important characteristics were captured and symbolised in her stunning but simple logo.

The circular shape of the logo reflects the geographic extent of the Gondwana Coast, a circular area bounded largely by the Shoalhaven and Clyde River valleys.

The Green swish is symbolic of the numerous spectacular and varied National Parks that lie within the Gondwana Coast.

The Red line represents the N-S Princes Highway which passes right through the Shoalhaven Shire only touching the coast at one location, in Ulladulla.

The Blue shell represents the rich marine fossil fauna found throughout the Gondwana Coast in Shoalhaven Group sedimentary strata. The edge of the shell in Carolyn’s logo roughly defines the shape of the Shoalhaven coastline reflecting the abundance of marine fossils found on coastal rock platforms.