Ulladulla Fossil Display Centre
Fossil Display Cottage

Located in Ulladulla’s oldest cottage in Green St in the heart of town, this outstanding display is staffed on an entirely voluntary basis. Click for Google Maps Display

Opening times are from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm Wednesday to Saturday.

Entry to the home and fossil display is FREE and feedback from the many hundreds of local residents and tourists who have visited the Shop has been very positive and encouraging.

Fossil display-walls
Fossil display & old split slab walls




There are three display rooms that include a local section as well as an impressive display from beyond Australia’s shores.

Although now provided with a modern update, Ulladulla’s oldest house still exhibits many original features such as ‘pit sawn’ timber slab walls.



Along with many local Fossil displays we have a range from all over the world including a beautiful fish fossil from Wyoming in the US. Just pop in to see other outstanding fossils from around the world.

Bony Fish
Bony Fish – Diplomystus dentatus
Straight Nautiloids
Straight Nautiloids, from the Atlas Mtns

An amphibian fossil from the Permian period comes from Germany, we have some beautiful Cretaceous period shells and Cambrian trilobites from Madagascar and Devonian period shells from Morocco.

Because of its highly visible location, the Fossil Walk Display Centre provides a valuable role in greatly increasing public exposure to the local fossils. After seeing the impressive displays, many adults and children book a guided Walk to see the 270 million year old fossils to discover more about our interesting geological past.

Beautifully preserved Crinoid (sea lily)
Beautifully preserved Crinoid (sea lily)


Many of those visiting the displays are surprised by what they can view & it amazes them how they were completely unaware that Ulladulla has “world class” fossils preserved on its harbour rock platforms.

We look forward to your visit, our volunteers enjoy the opportunity to share with you.