The 500 million year Geological Time Walk on the north side of the harbour in Brodie Park, officially opened in December 2015. The Gondwana Coast Geological Time Walk is Self Guided and is one of only seven time walks to be found in the world. (Click here to view the Walk Brochure PDF)

Gondwana Coast Time Walk

Countless hours of volunteer workers and financial support from the Shoalhaven Council and local businesses has finally brought to fruition the ideas first developed by Phil Smart & Mike Jefferis. Boulders and signage arranged chronologically along the 255 metre path through the Park tracing out major events in the south coast’s geological past. (Click here to view Official Opening Images and details)

Primary and secondary teachers from as far away as Sydney and Canberra have already expressed interest in bringing student groups here for both the Geological Time Walk and our Guided Fossil Walk.

A feature of this walk is that it is the first to combine descriptive display of lour Local Geologic Periods with the path time walk, actually pacing out the equivalent of 2 million years per metre.

The project includes attractive landscaping of this little-used harbour-side park, and hence will also undoubtedly enhance the Park’s value as a community resource. (see Ulladulla Times Article for more info)